Hello world!

Yes!  Hello world.  I have finally created a technological thing to showcase my drawings to the world!  It was hard work, the computer kept asking me about Gavatar, I don’t know who he is, there were tears.  But anyway, it is here now for you all to enjoy.  I will be updating as often as humanly possible with all things arty.  There are contact details floating around here somewhere so if you see something you like, or have an idea for a commissioned piece, get in touch!  And to kick things off, here are my three most recent commissioned works.

The great Mancini, commissioned for a jubilant fan after City’s premiership win.
48 x 35cm, ink and water colour on card.

15 x 10cm Ink on card
Laurel and Hardy. In Germany they are apparently known as fatty and skinny.
40 x 30cm, Ink