GO TEAM GRB!!  So this weekend was all about cycling.  I watched the men’s road race on Saturday.  This was the first time I have ever watched any sort of competitive road cycling and it turns out its very complex.  I was confused for a very long time and then learnt that 90% of the GB team entered the race with no intention of actually winning! They were there to help their main boy Cavendish win….which he didn’t.  Still it was inspiring and I have decided cycling is my new favorite sport.  To add to my excitement, when cycling home that evening I cycled past the Morocco cycling team car, carrying the miserable defeated cyclists and their fancy bikes.  This was the first I had watched any sort of competitive cycling, however, I myself, am basically a pro cyclist, well I cycle 4.5 miles to work and the 4.5 miles back again, in about 35 minutes either way….so not quite good enough to be in team GB but still!  Anyways, on my way home from work on Friday I somehow managed to participate in a huge cycle protest. I was happily cycling along Bethnal Green road when I joined what was apparently a huge protest put on by a group called critical mass.  People were cheering me on, police turned up, I was confused.  It was marvelous.  All of this was greatly inspiring and I drew the below picture as a result. GO CYCLING GO!!!


Go team Morocco!

No idea why I’m protesting Mr Police.

La douleur est temporaire, cesser de fumer est toujours