Pigs, fat busting, Olympics and more

The laptop on my lap is burning my legs and making me sweat profusely.  But I will not be deterred.  I shall post a new blog!  It will probably just be a little rubbish as the heat plus the women’s modern pentathlon is disorientating.  Any ho, the past couple of weeks I have been obsessing over the Olympics, after today I will be having severe withdrawal, working out, I am actually in the process of joining a gym to combat the obesity, I just need to find one with changing rooms with no wet hairs or plasters in the pool, not an easy feat let me tell you, and the biggest news of all, I have two new guinea pigs!  I have managed to draw in between petting and brushing, trying to work out what the various noises they make mean and getting weed on.  I have also managed to set up one of those Etsy shop thingys,  http://www.etsy.com/people/collfacekilla?ref=si_pr very productive of me, now if I can only work out how to get links from my pics on this page to the shop I can post this thing!  What are you squeaking at?!  Are you happy or hungry?  What is that, did you just poo on me?!  Are these woman actually shooting with laser guns and then running around a show jumping course?  What is going on?!!

Pencil and water color on paper with paper and velvet floral mount and perspex clip frame
40 x 50cm

Remy and Logan