New Father’s Day and Birthday Cards!

Greetings Cards

Freshly printed Father’s Day and birthday cards now available at The Little Shop located on Cheltenham Road, Bristol.

Father’s Day Frog, Father’s Day Fox, Flamingo, and Clever Girl have now joined my selection of art at The Little Shop.  Check out the shop’s Facebook page here. If you don’t live in Bristol then pop over to my Etsy Store or send me an email: to purchase these cards and more.

Greetings Cards

Little Monsters at Blaze Studio

On 26th May I held a private view for my Little Monsters exhibition.  Thank you to everyone who attended and bought art.  Special thanks to Eumig for providing a good level of noise for the evening!

The exhibition was held at Blaze Studio, a really cute little shop in Bristol located in the city centre.  Take a look at the website for more information.

Amongst the Little Monsters were my good friends; Octopussy, The Dandy of Roman Road, Hercules, and The Boss, as well as many insects and bug friends.

My good friend Emma became a barmaid for the evening, my ‘poor unfortunate souls’ vegan shortbreads went down a treat, as did the vegan marshmallow monsters!

Here are some photos from the private view.

Collfacekilla at The Little Shop

Offering an eclectic mix of high quality, hand-made treats. The Little Shop rotate the artists every few months which keeps things interesting and means there is always something new to discover! 

I am so happy to be selling a selection of my work between April and July of this year.  The Little Shop is fantastic – set up by Amber Elise and Alex Lucas in September 2013 – it is not hard to see why they have had such a great success from it.  The facade of the shop is striking with their Bunny & Pineapples mural and once you step inside it is like diving into a treasure chest of art, there is something for everyone.

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Urban Art Fair 2016

I took a bunch of creatures to Brixton to see if some nice people might want to give them a home.  That’s right gang, it was the annual Urban Art Fair, this year was my 3rd and as usual, I had a blast.  I love this art fair so much, I get to be outside all day and see some of the most amazing art in the most unpretentious and least intimidating environment possible.  And everyone there is so super nice, must be that Brixton vibe…here are some pictures.


Gangsters! Very soon you will be able to view and buy my work at the glorious Cult Mountain. A store, gallery and cafe, its all about promoting up and coming and emerging and undiscovered artists. Its a really cool place in the cool Shoreditch. Octopussy will be living there and I will be making some ‘mini canvas’ exclusive for the gallery. Will keep you all updated. Hurrah! Also check out SCABbage, who has had work there in the past and I absolutely love!


Very exciting news everyone, one of my works ‘Pimp My Corpse’ has been shortlisted for the Jerwood drawing prize. It was selected from around 2000 entrants and will be exhibited in London in September before going on tour around the UK.  Which basically makes Mr Raven a rock star!!  He will have many groupies.




They will grow to be strong, they will keep you safe. But for now, they play. This has been entered in the Derwent prize for drawings in pencil, so hopefully the judges like them. If not, poor them.