Octopussy is your friend. He protects you from the night ghouls and Gobrolls. Say harrow Octopussy!
Ink and acrylic on Aquarelle cold pressed watercolor paper 22.5 x 15cm



As promised here are better photos of the tarot inspired skulls, Power, Greed, Violence and Decay.  Also ‘Pimp My Corpse’.  Ink on stolen, found, MDF board.  I am going to be doing a lot more work on salvaged wood.  So I am off, to rummage through skips and gardens.  Mu ha ha ha.



Sniffing Out Our Foundations

CONSUMPTION, GREED, POWER, VIOLENCE – All synonymous with society, today, past, probably future.

I was heavily influenced by tarot cards while drawing these.  They were originally used as simple playing cards but over the years have come to represent magic and fortune.

The photos are naff, I will try to get some better ones and re post.  Anyone want to buy me a nice new camera?!  Argh, greed, you swine.



These are very smart cockroaches, we know this because they are wearing glasses in fashionable neon colors.  The emerald cockroach wasp uses cockroaches as hosts its larvae.  It delivers an initial sting to a thoracic ganglion and injects venom to mildly and reversibly paralyze the front legs of its victim. This facilitates the second venomous sting at a carefully chosen spot in the roach’s head brain, in the section that controls the escape reflex. The wasp proceeds to chew off half of each of the roach’s antennae. The wasp, which is too small to carry the roach, then leads the victim to the wasp’s burrow, by pulling one of the roach’s antennae in a manner similar to a leash. Once they reach the burrow, the wasp lays a white egg, about 2 mm long, on the roach’s abdomen…. With its escape reflex disabled, the stung roach will simply rest in the burrow as the wasp’s egg hatches after about three days. The hatched larva lives and feeds for 4–5 days on the roach, then chews its way into its abdomen and proceeds to live as an endoparasitoid. Over a period of eight days, the wasp larva consumes the roach’s internal organs in an order which guarantees that the roach will stay alive, at least until the larva enters the pupal stage and forms a cocoon inside the roach’s body. Eventually the fully grown wasp emerges from the roach’s body to begin its adult life.  But this wouldn’t happen to these roaches because they are far too clever. (Which we know from the glasses)

42 x 29.5 cm
Ink on Paper